The iPad is awesome. But it is completely inconvenient for some things. Like…

1. Trying to watch TV
Missed an episode of Amazing Race? No worries! I’ll just head on over to CBS.com and stream it. Oh, you want me to download your app? No thanks, just the show. Oh, I can only watch clips and not the latest full episode? Okay, I guess I’ll try your app. Even though half the time I downloaded a TV app I still can’t watch the show because it will only provide streaming through certain cable providers EVEN THOUGH I can go to your website on a computer and stream from there WITHOUT said cable provider (I’m looking at you Fox).

2. Taking a picture
See: this.

3. Multitasking
It took me twenty minutes to search for the above link and paste it because I had to open and close apps and double click to select all and paste and BLAH. Before that, I was trying copy job links into emails so I can apply later and having to click back and forth between Safari and my email was infuriating!!!

4. Typing in forms
This mainly stems from the keyboard taking up half the screen when turned sideways.

5. Typing in general
Even with larger letters than an iPhone and tinier than normal fingers (I’m a mutant), it is easy to typo like crazy. Hence why this entry is now complete.


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