Staying Classy

In the fall of 2013, I finished up the third course in the graduate certificate program in technology and communications through the University of North Carolina’s Journalism school. For this digital writing class, I had to keep a blog.

If you’re interested in seeing any of that work, check it out here. You’ll notice I focused on reality TV for much of my writing (shocking).

The grad certificate program was a really interesting way to stay engaged. As someone who took a detour from the communications career route for a bit, it was a great way to stay invested and see what’s going on with other professionals who are in the field.

At times, though, I felt like a total outsider; like someone who was trying hard to relate to the in-crowd but was in a whole other world. Most of my classmates were currently working in marketing, writing, journalism, PR or some other communications position while I was keeping things running smoothly at Spencer Package Center. Not surprisingly, experience managing a package pick-up facility doesn’t exactly link up with course work in visual communication, digital writing or research.

But in the end, I think my experiences in what is not a traditional communications role really helped strengthen my ability to think differently about how we communicate ideas and why.

It’s easy to get bogged down in status quo when it’s something you do everyday. For me, it allowed me the opportunity to be creative with my assignments and provided me a way to express myself that I didn’t always get through my job. I hope I’m able to translate this into whatever new position I get upon my arrival in Norman, OK, where I am moving in a month.


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